Volunteer technical writer

Hi, I’ve been an analyst for over 9 years and have written reports on various industries. I am currently looking to get into technical writing for software projects.

I am willing to provide free help with technical documentation on a project. Ideally any project which requires  extensive documentation, user manuals etc. 

Thank You!

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Hey @priyankamansata, welcome and thanks for being here. I would suggest watching https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/ closely as they will likely be announcing the 2020 program in the coming days. 


@logankilpatrick  Logan, thanks for the link. Are you somehow connected to that program?

I’m trying to validate an idea if a peer-to-peer proofreading community would help us all write better documentation.

It would be good to hear your opinion https://github.community/t5/Project-Development-Help-and/Would-you-proofread-my-ReadMe-if-I-proofread-yours/m-p/54686#M5116