Volatile local ip addresses during action run

Im running java CI github action and during the run local ip address is being changed dynamically. Don’t know is it good or bad, but those dynamic local ip addresses result in failed connection attempts in java tests. For example:,,,, those are the local ip addresses which my java program resolve during test execution, i.e as you can see they’re different, and from the log it’s clear that they’re not connectable. Here’s link to the job.

Good news is that sometimes CI action doesn’t run into situation described above, i.e local ip address is stable and not changing dynamically, and everything works fine. In the following job you will see that local ip address is always being resolved to Here’s the link for this successful job.

Please help.

The reverse hostname lookup for the current host name seems to be broken in GitHub Actions Runner VMs. Please check Github Action and OSError: [Errno 99] Cannot assign requested address - #4 by lhotari for a solution.

Understood. Thank you.