Voice Playback Selenium Java Automation

Hi Team,

I am currently working on a project using Selenium 3 and Java - Eclipse Photon IDE.

I have created couple of forms using windowbuilder. I would like to use some voice playback when the automation starts - something like text to speech - it should voice out based on:

  • some predefined playback set - record and playback same message - like welcome to **** or thank you ****

  • voice playback based on the text input - capture webelement text - save to string and playback accordingly

    • example:
      • file selected is ****
      • file is being downloaded
      • error occured
      • input text is ****

I would want to know which jar files to utilize and where can I download them from. And some suggestion on how to initiate the above based request into my code.

Thanking you in advance!


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@dellrishiy12k  Did u get any kind of solutions for this?

I have very similar scenario to automate, could you please give me some suggestions.