Vital Information listed on another person's Repository

Hi @All,
I’m working as a Cyber Security Expert for an Organization, In our Scanning, we have found there are a couple of Repositories contains my Organization Vital Information Like- User Name, Password, Configuration details, etc.

I have checked those users not belongs to my Organization right now. So, how do I request for takedown those repositories?
Submitted DMRC and other forms but no actions have been taken care of yet.
Please do let me know.


:wave: Welcome to the Community!

If you’ve found access credentials relating to your organisation, please change those credentials before you do anything else. They have already been made public, and taking them down will not change that they have already been compromised.

When you’ve done that, you’ll need to submit a Sensitive Data Removal request. You will find our policy, as well as specific instructions on how to submit the request here.