Visual studio dsp file conversion

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble viewing two files with dsp extension that contains patterns that are used for cutting. These files were generated long times ago back to around 2000, my company had an Eastman cutter machine that can somehow read the dsp file and cut the material based on the dsp file. I have tried to open the file in visual studio code, but I am getting "The file is not displayed in the editor because it is either binary or uses an unsupported text encoding ", I tried various extension that’s related to these files but none of them work. Can anyone help me with these two files? I believe they contain cutting patterns, but I don’t know how to access it from lines of code and convert it into pdf?

I can’t seem to upload the dsp files here, can anyone tell me how to?

From my Googling, .dsp is specific to embroidery machines. It is also a Visual Studio extension, which might be part of the confusion.  See here for some more background and a possibly useful company link.

To view the file, you’ll need a Hex Editor, or you can use the strings utility to see if there is any readable text in there.  You should be able to find either on the web  to download.

To upload the files, try compressing them to ZIP first.

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