Visual Studio Code: Error message in Terminal! 😣

I have been having the same single issue with node.js for about ten days now, whenever I open VSC’s main terminal and check for my nodejs , I get the error message:

"[The term ‘node’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program]"

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Node, this time unchecking the option for extensions, which I thought was the original problem. I also moved the location of the folder where I wanted Node to be installed. The error message still pops up.

I googled my problem and one person on Stack Overflow suggested that I “add node to my PATH and restart VSC”, however I have no idea what a PATH is being new to all this.

Any one else having the same issue? I want there to be little to no issues with Node and VSC once my bootcamp starts next week.

What else can I try that I haven’t yet? Any help is appreciated.