Virus Control - App develop. (crossplatform, open source, collaborative, wiki, etc...) NeedYourHelp


looks like 99% of the interest about coronavirus, since the beginning, is related to keep an eye on the infected people (let’s call those: the reds).

We have maps, graphs, apps, websites… everything is made to show where the infected people are, how they move, etc… All the maps are… yes… red!

What I propose is the opposite.

Probably the answers are different based on your location at the moment but, even if you are at home without contacts:

-have you completed a full quarantine?

-how about your family?

-your friends?

-your co-workers?

-your customers?

-have you started counting days since the first question?

I have this vision of “green” communities, made of healthy people, everyone with a clean full quarantine completed.

All those people can then restart all activities without limits because they know who is green and who is not.

How I see the app


I try to explain:

-A whatsapp-like app, where you see the state of your contacts (red, orange, yellow, green… but we can change that)

-At the first start and after the user has been in contact with a coronavirus infected or unknown state person there would be something like a: new event (or just a +… you tell me) where the user will answer to some questions. Based on those the app will determine the beginning state.

-Anyone has to go through a full quarantine before becoming green.

-I think everyone, once the app spread, will become a green. Just knowing that parents, friends, etc. known everyone’s state will be a strong push to become responsible. Even who thinks just at money (and till now keeps jumping around possibly catching and spreading the virus) will understand that customers want only green people to go to their houses.

-Timers… a big one for the user, colored based on the actual state, maybe fades like a pie-chart from the starting user color (red, orange…)  with a green that goes day after day until, after 14 days (or whatever we’ll choose, but conservative… and if the start is red “infected or with symptoms” the path will be different) the circle with the timer will be green.

This will be the starting point. When we are here we could start debugging and we could develop other ideas and changes before the release (I think is better to start with something a bit defined so the users wouldn’t be confused at every update).

Other ideas:

-a wiki that describes how the decisions about the state are made, and on how every section of the app works.

-animated simple instructions on how to go around in a secure way… how to go shopping (before, during and after cleaning actions)… use of masks (yes/no, how put, how to remove, how to wash if cloth based)

-animated instructions on how to act in a family environment when one of the members is infected (use one room for the infected, avoid all possible contacts, wash hands everytime, change air frequently, etc…)

-website with login to same structure

-every user can add sub-users for other people without a smartphone or web access

-API’s for anyone to collect informations on those green communities

-AI use to make better decisions on the users state


If someone is asking… what I did by now? (not much, really)

-I wrote down some concept and ideas

-I have some sketches of the app (but you can imagine it with the whatsapp like descripion)

-I wrote emails and tweets asking for help

-I started learing X-code development and firebase integration (it wooorks! I can create users, etc.)

-I though about integrating facebook, google, twitter… as login options

-I found that flutter will be a better way to create cross platform applications

-I wrote other emails and tweets asking for help

-phone based authentication info:

-circle timer for xcode:

… but people keep dying, I can’t spend a month trying to do everything by myself, it makes no sense with a lot of amazing developers in the world

…and then, so… now… I came here and wrote that post.

But… most important… how I have to move forward… to make all this a reality and try to control this virus?

Where we can start? Who jumps on the boat?

Feel free to ask my point of view on every doubts comes to your mind… brainstorming time start… now!

PS. English is not my mother tongue so please excuse any errors on my part.