Viewing comments and changes together on pull requests

If a PR results in some requested changes, I find it helpful to be able to review the later changes in the context of the comment that asked for those changes. Is there a good way to see comments and changes made after the comment at the same time? For example:

  1. Team member submits a PR, branch commit is X
  2. I review the PR and leave comments suggesting changes. These show inline with the changes on the “files changed” view which is pretty great!
  3. Team member submits more commits to the PR, call this commit Y
  4. I want to look at all open comments and the recent commits together , but I can’t. I can only seem to do the following:
  • I can look at comments on the conversation view, but the links to view the code show me the original diff (commit X), not including commit Y that was made after my comment
  • If I change the view to include “commits since my last review” or “all commits”, the comments from my review are no longer visible

I’ve been having to manage this with multiple tabs, which are difficult to keep in sync especially when there are a lot of comments/conversations or a lot of commits on the PR branch. Is there a better way?


Looks like this has been asked for already (github search failed me, but google found this): Review comments not shown in "Files changed" if a commit affects the comment's associated line

Linked thread claims this is FAD but lots of complaints that this is a poor experience.

This doesn’t solve this problem, but I just learned one feature that does help a lot with this scenario is the ability to view the diff between different versions of a pull request when a user force-pushes.