View runs live in the browser/terminal

Is there a way to view the run live? I don’t mean through the Actions tab, where a green circle spins for a bit and then we get a log window.

I mean where maybe the action open the terminal of the runner in a new tab and we can see it run as per a normal CLI experience.

Or better yet: a way to retrieve the log of the just-run workflow into the command line where the most recent git commit took place. So this would look like:

  • commit to main from VSCode terminal or something
  • job runs on github
  • completion status dynamically indicated on CLI where commit occurred (like a spinning wheel for the CLI)
  • job completes
  • status on CLI is updated to complete
  • optional log output (maybe also config options to default output the logs when errors occur)

Found this project for locally running workflows before pushing. It’s called “act” and runs in a Docker (so no support for Apple ARM yet) and has an AUR package for Arch Linux.

This is a midway solution but still would like to see live runs or live feedback.