View Actions/Packages usage as non-owner

Our company is moving to GH Actions and Packages. I’m setting up CI/CD, and I need to monitor our Actions/Packages usage to make decisions about balancing costs and benefits.

According to docs, only billing managers and org owners can view the current usage, which makes my job harder as I’m not one of them.

Is there a way for me to view those numbers? I’m especially interested in storage space consumption (Packages) and consumed minutes (Actions).

Hi @aedm,

Thank you for being here! No, you have to been the correct role to get the Github Action usage.

As doc mentioned below:

  1. Anyone can view GitHub Actions usage for their own user account. If the organization is a part of an enterprise account, only owners or billing managers of the enterprise account can view GitHub Actions usage.
  2. Organizations owners and billing managers can view GitHub Actions usage for an organization.


Thank you for the quick answer!

I wonder, what is the reason that developers can read and write packages, but cannot see how much space they occupy? Also, we can see the runtime of all individual workflows, but we don’t have access to the sum?

Hi @aedm,

Thanks for your reply! It should be related to the user privilege.
For example, in orgnization, as an owner can check the orgnization settings tab for the action usage, however common member cannot.

You can raise a feedback ticket here to get a formal answer from github developing team.