Very outdated tools in codespaces

I can not use codespaces, since the image only contains very old and outdated versions of things that I need. For example:

clang --version
clang version 3.8.1-24 (tags/RELEASE_381/final)

Expected at least 11.x or 12.x Version 3.18 is from the summer of 2016 (!).

cmake --version
cmake version 3.7.2

Expected at least 3.17.x. Version 3.7.2 is from January 2017 (!).

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

We’re about to update the default image to Ubuntu 20.04 which should resolve this problem.

However, you can also use a custom container in the mean time. There’s a pre-built image for various Debian and Ubuntu distros with C++ tools installed.

Create a file called .devcontainer/devcontainer.json in your repository and add the following contents:

	"name": "C++",
	"image": "", 
	"runArgs": [ "--cap-add=SYS_PTRACE", "--security-opt", "seccomp=unconfined"],
	"settings": { 
		"": "/bin/bash"
	"extensions": [
	"remoteUser": "vscode"

You can find more info here. If you want to add more to the image, you can also reference a Dockerfile that is FROM the image referenced above.

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