Very old forks!


when will the function finally come that you can delete unkempt forks? There are now 303 forks from my repo and almost all of them are out of date. As the owner of a repo, it should finally be possible to delete these ancient copies and prevent these users from re-creating a fork.

I regularly update my repo and these forks, which have been neglected for a year, are slowly getting on the nerves. I hope that there will finally be a function to complete control of the forks from my repo. :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany


It would be handy if there were a way to update the default branch of forks. But, why do you care? A fork is essentially a copy of your repo at a point in time which may or may not be used/updated by whoever made it. It should have zero impact/relevance to your ongoing work.

Hi Kingthorin,

I know that the forks have zero impact/relevance to my ongoing work.

Nevertheless, for me it is like a stupid share like Facebook only so that certain users on Github enrich themselves in their profile.

It is a good right to be able to use your own repository to determine who does what with it. Especially when someone creates a fork and then never cares about it again.

Everything else is cool here at Github, only the ancient forks are just annoying.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Okay, I see what you’re getting at.

If they were kept up-to-date would they still bother you?

If the forks were current, it would be okay.

What sucks is the stupid sharing and then they don’t care anymore.

You should be able to intervene, delete the fork and block the fork menu for these users in my repo.