Very first step, copy repository

Hi Folks

Sorry to say I don’t use github often so I kind of forget the steps.

We have an instructions doc, but it’s for starting out from the beginning. Since I already have folders, I’m not sure I’m following the right sequence of events. Isn’t the first step usually to copy stuff from git to your local c drive, git hub folder?

I start out here. What’s first?

Not sure the image got copied, so at the start i have upper left - current repository.
To the right of that, current branch - master
To the right of that, Fetch origin / last fetched 3/6/2020

under that, middle of screen: no local changes / there are no uncommitted changes in this repository.

I use windows 10, github desktop, version 2.3.1, 64 bit operating system.

Clone it locally and push to github? Maybe this link is what you need?