Very confused - Token authentication requirements for Git operations

I have been accessing for a couple of years, I connect to the repositories using Firefox on Windows to deal with issues raised etc, my main repository is a Arduino library.

To update the repositories, including a Github pages site, I use GITGUI for Windows currently at version 2.32.0.

The setup I use is simple and adequate for my needs, I am the only person that needs change\edit access to my repostories or GitHub pages.

I have recently been getting messages that basic authentication using a password to access Git is deprecated and will soon no longer work, August the 13th I gather.

However when I check the ‘Authentication in your browser’ section in the documentation it is saying that you can access via ‘Username and password’ or ‘Two factor authentication’. So will my current access through my Firefox browser, via user name and password I presume, still work after August 13th, or if not is ‘Two factor authentication’ the only access option after that date ?

And what about GITGUI for Windows, will that stop working too, the implication is that it will need to use a personal access token ?

Or do I need to switch to something like GitHub Desktop ?

Sorry I am so confused.

You will need to give it a PAT with the appropriate scopes (usually repo and workflow) where you currently provide it with your password. That should be all. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks very much for the reply.

So I can assume the access to the account details, setting up repositories, etc via a browser @ StuartsProjects · GitHub is not affected by the upcoming changes.

All I need to worry about then is GITGUI.

Perhaps a good idea for me to test the use of the PAT with a GIT bash update before worrying about GITGUI.

mmm, I found some instructions for using git bash to update a repository;

git push https://$(git_token)

Whick works, even if I make changes to the PAT which is inserted where (git_token) is.

Do I need to undoo the caching of git login by using --unset on the credential.helper ?

Or based on these instructions do I need to change the Windows credential manager;

For those who are using access token and a Windows environment, there is a simple way to do it:

“Start menu → Credential ManagerWindows Credentials → find the line (Git: https://whatever/your-repository/url) → edit, user name is “PersonalAccessToken” and password is your access token.”