Versioning in Repository Secrets

I’ve recently started dabbling in DevOps and came to realize the importance of versions, secrets and tags.
Almost any production grade app would have some secrets required for its functioning, which highlights the requirements of a secret store. GitHub Repository Secrets are an excellent option for basic secret management.
However, I feel that it could really use a versioning system like the way Google Secrets Manager implements it. Sometimes, we don’t need to set an entire environment to deploy our app through GitHub Actions as Prod, Staging, etc. All it would take is a workflow file and some bash substitutions. Currently, adding in a secret and launching the workflow is a pleasant experience. But let’s say I want to maintain a separate set of secrets for my Prod and Staging, creating duplicates of the secrets and having separate workflow files would feel very counter-intuitive. By adding versioning, it will ease down to another simple bash substitution and we can have a minimal and contained workflow.
Due to this single limitation, I’m relying on GSM and can’t make my app vendor agnostic. If GH secrets get version, it would really help me and a lot of devs.