Verify UEFI Spec through ACS v20.10_REL3.0

We use ACS to verify UEFI version, but can’t find ACS v20.10_REL3.0 support which version of UEFI Spec.
But can’t find document describe in ACS v20.10_REL3.0 to support UEFI 2.7.
ACS v20.10_REL3.0: Release Release v3.0 of Enterprise ACS · ARM-software/arm-enterprise-acs · GitHub
Could help confirm ACS v20.10_REL3.0 support UEFI 2.7? Any document could prove ACS v20.10_REL3.0 support UEFI 2.7?

Hi, it looks like you’re looking for support with a specific project hosted on GitHub. In that case it’s best if you use the support channels for that project, instead of this forum that’s primarily about Git and GitHub itself.

I see that the README for that project lists a support mail address, and the repository also lets you create issues. I hope you can get help that way! :slightly_smiling_face:

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