Verify NFT project

How to verify my project NFT on Cardano? I add code to the brunch, wrote in the code police for my NFTs. I created pull request, posted it on Twitter, and add to the request comment with link of this request from the Twitter… But my NFTs on CNFT didn’t get yellow mark :sob: Can somebody explain me… Maybe I was wrong somewhere?

Maybe if you provide links it would be easier to understand what’s gone wrong.

@tajmone Can you check please. Link is here.

@itsmestale Can you check my problem? I saw your video on you tube - but I don’t have a yellow checkmark…

I’m not sure why you’re posting this here, the PR you created seems fine, it’s just waiting to be reviewed and/or merged. All repository communications should be handled via the repository Issues and discussions, not here. The repo maintainers will receive notification of your PR and ALL of your comments on the PR, whereas anything you post here they won’t be made aware of.

I’m not sure what this yellow mark is, but your PR has passed all verification tests, so it’s just a matter of waiting that the repo maintainers find time to look into your PR (there are over 850 other PRs waiting there, beside yours). How long it will take really depends on the project. Some projects are handled more often than others, other have a slower pace.

It’s not unusual to create a PR and then wait even a month or more before it’s reviewed, after all this is open source, which means people do it in their free time. Nagging developers with constant reminders by adding more comments to the PR or in other places is not going to speed up the process, it will actually slow it down since maintainers now will have to read all those reminders too, which ultimately substracts precious time from their allotted time slots dedicated to reviewing PR and Issues.

If there is any problem in your PR contents, the repo maintainers will let you know by commenting on the PR page and start a review, asking you to fix things (if the need be).

Thanks, man. Now I understood. Just need to wait. Cool. I am not code writer, I am just a designer and this process is new for me. Thanks.