Verifing if all request changes made in a pull request code review are made

When I have to made a code review in a pull request, sometimes I create various conversations in various files. After developer resolve the conversation, how I can view only the files (with conversations), so I can check if the request changes are made correctly? I can view the change files, but without the conversations that I have made. In pull request conversations tab, I can only view the conversations with the original code and not with the new code made by the developer.
Is the only way in “Files changed” tab, WITHOUT the conversations show up?

As far as I know, yes. The lines quoted with a comment show exactly the version the comment was written for. Showing a newer version might be confusing: For example if you tell a contributor to fix something and they do, a quote showing the updated version would make it look like you’re complaining about nothing. :wink: But I agree that having a direct comparison for updates (maybe in the comment thread) would be helpful.

I usually just open comments and the latest version of the changes in two browser tabs or windows so I can quickly switch between them.