Verification e-mail is not send, even after 30 minutes of waiting

I want to add a new e-mail to my account to use in the future as my main one, but no matter how long I wait, the verification e-mail just won’t arrive in my mailbox.

I so far waited over 30 minutes for it to arrive and while I received a mail informing me about the mail being added to my account, is the other one still not here.
I did check that the e-mail address is written correctly and I also tested that the e-mail is properly forwarded to my account, which it is.

While I doubt that the current GitHub Actions incident could be a possible cause, do I still wonder if it actually could be a cause for this heavy delay…

All I want is to have my e-mail verified but this issues slows me down more than it should…

Is there any way to “debug” this? Like to find out if GitHub actually is able to send it and if they did so?

Quick update: After a long, long wait, did the verification E-Mail finally arrive, but when I click the verify button do I get an error…

yup, let’s see, the problem is still on-going although it’s GitHub Actions, that might affect other services, and hopefully it will be okay as soon as possible,

I did get a new verification e-mail and this time the URL did work, so the issue has been resolved for me… Tho I now encounter another issue, but I will make a separate post for that one, since it’s not directly related to this… I think.

Hi I am not getting the verification email and I have waiter for 6 hours please help, as now it’s some how not allowing me to log into my Hotmail account as it’s just access to the auth app and I can’t recover it

you mean you cannot log in at your email? then you cannot verify it,

you can still add the email but not verified to get all the past commits,

Yes it eventually came through and I clicked the link then it all froze and my auth app then I could not access it. And now I can’t access my email account or auth app it wiped the backup from my cloud

I am not sure what to do as hot ail can’t do anything to help recover the account

do you have a backup email? you can use that to retrieve the other email, or a mobile phone to send verification code to retrieve the email