Verification challenge issue

Somehow I can’t pass the verification challenge including the sound challenge though I am sure I am getting it right. I have no problems with it until recently.

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If you’re having trouble with the captcha on GitHub:

  • Ensure JavaScript is enabled on your browser.
  • Ensure your browser is supported. If your browser isn’t supported, upgrade your browser or install a supported browser. For a list of supported browsers, see “Supported browsers.”
  • Ensure your network configuration is not blocking or If you’re behind a corporate firewall, contact your IT administrator to allow those domains. To verify access to these domains, visit OctoCaptcha and ensure the text “Connection successfully made!” is displayed, then visit Troubleshooting the Github Enforcement Challenge and ensure you are able to load the captcha.
  • Ensure your browser does not have plug-ins or extensions that may be interfering with GitHub. If so, temporarily disable the plug-ins or extensions during captcha verification.

Hi, still having problems. I also tried using other supported browsers but same results and already disabled all blockers and privacy stuff. I have not touched this setting before and it works, now with this new dice challenge it is not getting through. Audio challenge does not work either.

I never got this error before since I signed up and when doing captcha.

and it seems others are experiencing this as well with this new dice challenge.

Where are you seeing a “dice challenge” on GitHub?

when creating a new organization.

Thanks! I was able to locate some information on it now. We’re looking into why this is appearing for our users.

It seems like it appears where there has been a higher than usual incidence of automated/bulk activity. I’ve asked about troubleshooting tips, but for now, you might have some luck if you can change network - just in case it’s something at your IP triggering the more difficult puzzle.

Thanks. As I have mentioned, this is the first time since I have encountered this type of verification and as you can see with the reference, this is not an isolated problem.

As a suggestion, would it be more convenient and unified if the verification is the same as
logging in from another browser/device which is the send generated pin code to email process?

Also broken for me, same organization setup screen.

After ten repetitions of dice selection, the captcha flags (possibly incorrectly?) that one of the inputs was incorrect.

Audio captcha option unavailable.

Who made this and why?! :unamused:

I’ve been trying to by-pass this captcha but it’s getting worse D: Every time I do attempt to create a new GitHub Organization it says my options for dice images are wrong even calculating them properly. I also tried to use the voice option and it “works” (the Next button enable click), but when I do proceed to the next page it does say following error:

I’m looking forward for more details about this issue.

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The same problem. It doesn’t allow to do anything. Reset password for account. image