VBA table code

Hi All, 

I am learninig VBA. The below code is to extract table data for 1 web page. 

I need to extract the data from a list of web urls. How can i do this?

Can anyone help me on this?

Sub Test()

Dim html As Object

Dim tbl As Object

Dim tRow As Object

Dim tCel As Object

Dim X As Long

Dim y As Long

With CreateObject(“MSxml2.XMLHTTP”)

.Open “GET”, “https://www.cesco.com/Eaton-Cooper-Lighting-SHK-Cooper-Lighting-SHK-Fixture-Hook-With-2-1-2-Inch-Safety-Screw-Die-Cast-Aluminum/p2085509”, False


Set html = CreateObject(“htmlfile”)

html.body.innerHTML = .responseText

End With

For Each tbl In html.getElementsByTagName(“table”)

For Each tRow In tbl.getElementsByTagName(“tr”)

For Each tCel In tRow.getElementsByTagName(“td”)

y = y + 1

If y = 2 Or y = 4 Then

Cells(X + 1, IIf(y = 2, 1, 2)) = tCel.innerText

End If

Next tCel

y = 0

X = X + 1

Next tRow

Next tbl

End Sub

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