VBA - Selenium - Chromedriver - Run-time error -2146233078


My VBA code stopped working last week after several months working fine.
In short, the error raises when executing driver.start

“Run-time Error ‘-2146233078 (801315a)’:
The source was not found but some or all event logs could not be searched.
Inaccessible logs: Security.”

Screenshot 2021-02-24 101904

Sub Go_Click()
Dim Driver As New Selenium.ChromeDriver
Set Driver = CreateObject(“Selenium.ChromeDriver”)
Driver.Get “https://www.google.com
End Sub

Does anyone had the same experience ?
Can it be solved ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Selenium: SeleniumBasic-2.0.9

Chrome Version
Versão 88.0.4324.190 (Compilação oficial) (64 bits)

Chromedriver version