vba examples in vb and possibly depreciated or previous version documentation

The below link is to what appears to be what MS is referring to as as previous version material and possibly out of life cycle.

Visual Basic XSD Extension Function Code

However, I cannot find a supposed current version, nor any support according to accepted usage of the terminology, that it is actually depreciated. We are still in Version 4.x of the framework.

The example works perfectly as shown in vb and in vba as well, by simply adjusting 1 method name to suit the target application; Excel, Access, etc., and adding the reference for XML v6.0 in the vbe.

Ideally, I would just add extended usage examples to the bottom of this doc, due to cross-platform compatibility. But if it’s on it’s on its way to the bin, what are the options? The vba documentation is severely lacking in this area “vb.net that works in vba” and I found no relevant examples in the vba language reference that even explore these usage concepts.