Validation Failed when reopen PR via token

I’m trying to use a token of account gradlewaregitbot to manage a private repository gradle-private. With following permission, I can view/create issues/comments but can’t edit issues (reopen gets “Validation Failed”):


# zhb @ bs-MacBook-Pro in ~/Projects [17:18:12] C:1
$ curl -u <token>:x-oauth-basic -d '{
"state": "open"
  "message": "Validation Failed",
  "errors": [

  "documentation_url": ""

But if I use my personal account blindpirate and the token with exactly same permissions, everything works fine.

# zhb @ bs-MacBook-Pro in ~/Projects [18:04:56] C:130
$ curl -u <my token>:x-oauth-basic -d '{
"state": "open"
  "url": "",
  "repository_url": "",
  "labels_url": "{/name}",
  "comments_url": "",

I assume there’s something wrong with the gradlewaregitbot account. Can anyone help and explain?

Hi @blindpirate,

Does each account have the same level of permissions on the private repository? I know that you’re using the same scope on the tokens, but I was wondering if both accounts are Admins, collaborators, or something else on the repository.