Validation Error when creating learning path

When creating a course, I always get a “validation error”. How can I find what the error is exactly? Ive tried several times and I have a minimal config.yaml and

05:41:16Querying for your course’s file tree
05:41:17Getting your course’s config file: config.yml
05:41:18Config file loaded
05:41:18Normalizing course config
05:41:18Getting your course’s file:
05:41:19Creating new course [Create your resume]: 1.0.0
05:41:19Validation error


title: Create your resume
description: Learn basic web development while creating your online digital resume. Some of the tools you will learn are git and Github, HTML, CSS and Github Pages hosting.

- link: ‘
title: What makes a good resume?
description: Read this article to understand what makes a good resume, and how you should refine your resume.

I’m having a similar issue. I actually had a course that was set up and working for a bit.

Syncing it and restarting the course as a drafted started to fail (I kept getting a “you are already registered for this course” error even though the repo was deleted)…so I ended up deleting my course in the UI, then tried to re-import the repository & template.

And I now Im getting the same error as @rajeev :frowning: