Validating a template takes a long time


Im doing the move to github course. 

One of the latest thing you have to do is to make a template for bug reports. 

I did all the steps and for more then 5 minutes I see only validating template and I cannot press commit changes button. 

Must I wait much more ? or is there something wrong ? 

Hi @roelofwobben did you start the issue template from the community profile page here: or did you manually add a file with the name

I just walked through the steps on the community profile page and couldn’t replicate what you are describing. If you can describe the steps you took prior to getting stuck, that might allow me to experience the same problem.

Yep. I used that page. 

Pressed “Add” 

Choose in the next screen for bug  report 

Press the propose changes 

and choose for commit directly on the main branch 

Then I see a message validating templates 

and I cannot choose for commit changes 

Same issue with me; from –> Issue template --> Add --> Select Bug report/Feature request/Custom template --> Propose changes

My checklist was cleared only after adding .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/

(I’m using Microsoft Edge if it helps…)

@roelofwobben Can you confirm which browser you’re using when this is happening? We have an open issue with regards to Safari and this occurring. Can you try again in Chrome or Firefox and let us know if it’s still happening?

@huemac I’m not sure if we’ve identified an issue with this in Edge, but can you also try in Chrome or Firefox and let us know if you’re still having the same problem? Thank you both!

Hi @nadiajoyce,

I just tried in Chrome, it worked fine (I was able to commit) :+1:

Wonderful! Thank you for confirming. I will let the team know there may be an issue with this in Edge as well as Safari. 


I can confirm that I have the same problem from Edge. I update a given template and the button to commit never lights up.

With the recent MS acquisition of GitHub it wouldn’t hurt if the issue would be fixed and the service would work with Microsofts own browser.

Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0

Microsoft EdgeHTML 17.17134

Hi @mathiasmagnus,

Thank you for letting us know you are experiencing the issue as well. I’ve escalated to the appropriate team and we are looking into it.