Usually how much time it take to enable alpha/beta feature for a user

I signed up for GitHub CodeSapces, it’s been almost 15 days, and I haven’t received the email. I was expecting it in a couple of days, is it take that much longer or am I missing something?

Hi @sirajalam049! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

I’m afraid there’s no single answer to your question, sorry! It depends on the specific feature being tested. Sometimes people are added to the beta in batches, so if you miss the cut off of the first batch, it might be weeks or even months until the next batch gets added.

I can see that you’re still on the CodeSpaces waitlist - I’m afraid you’ll just have to be patient, sorry!

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It seems there’s some problem, new requests are being accepted and it’s been months since my req, and it is still on the waiting list. A couple of more early requested user hasn’t accepted yet, maybe the early requesters are ignored somehow, what should do in that case?