Using VSCode's command palette command

For consistency (as GitHub and VSCode are both by Microsoft and many programmers who are on GitHub use VSCode), why not have the command Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+P? (not Cmd/Ctrl+P since that is print on most browsers and the shift variation doesn’t seem to do anything on Chrome)


Thanks for sharing your feedback @y-arjun-y! The keyboard shortcut has been quite the hot topic over the last day and we’ll be discussing this feedback as a team


Definitely agree. Having to remember both combos will be a pain point for users and also make it hard for people to discover it.

For reference - both Chrome devtools and Sublime also use cmd + shift + P for their command palette, so you’d be aligning with an existing standard across multiple common dev tools.


Came here to suggest that it would be nice to change the shortcut, particularly to Command + Shift + P. Maybe you could allow people to set it themselves?

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Yes, having a way to change it would also be nice.