Using `viewer` in search

I have a query:

      type: ISSUE
      query: "author: **sgrove** repo:graphql/graphql-js is:pr is:merged sort:created-desc"
      last: 100
    ) {
      nodes {
        ... on PullRequest {
          author {

Is it at all possible to replace anywhere that references a user with viewer - that way I could filter the above query to only return pull-requests that have been merged that were created by me?

If I can’t do that, then I have to make two requests - one just to get the username, then another like the above.

There isn’t currently a me operator for searches, no. It’s something that has been requested before, however. I’ll add your feedback to the development team. I can’t promise an ETA of when or if it will be implemented, but your request will be with the right people.