Using two open source repository

Hello guys,

This is melsu from India. I have been looking for a solution to a specific problem i am facing.

So there is open-source project master branch
There is fork open-source project (master branch of the fork)

So if we look at this i see the master branch is for public to use and it’s well maintained. Now fork branch was forked 4 years ago and added some cool features and maintained once in a while.

So i want to stay with master and incorporate all the changes that’s made by the fork in a way i am connected to the master as a fork.

Is this doable?

Please suggest any Goodreads if possible.

Hi @melsu90,

Thanks for being here! As far as I know unless you fork the “well maintained” for of the repo and update from there, there isn’t a way to accomplish what you want. Here is a couple of links on branching and the GitHub workflow that might be of use:

I hope this helps!