Using some Github assets

Hello Support,

I am making a portfolio website using react. The thing is in the making I made use of some Github resources that I got from the source code( Developer tools ). I want to know If I can use them or where do I ask for permission. The reason I am using it is that it matches my theme.

Asset Used:

  1. Github home page background ( not the artifacts such as globe and character only the background color that has a combination of purple and blue ).
  2. Some color schemes like Orange and Blue combination ones.
  3. Nothing else.

you mean the themes on GitHub Pages ?

It can’t be described as a theme but as the background of the home component. Like the page that you see when you are not signed in we can see a background combination of purple and blue leaving all the other assets.

So I can say that I have not used the themes of the Github pages but the color combination of one component’s background.

Plus, I have checked for such permission guidelines on Github but nothing could be found as mentioned for logos, and such.

I am unable to embed a screenshot with the post.

maybe you can check this out,

for example, the Cayman Theme

Will surely check it out.

Thanks for all the help.