Using SIM7020 with Arduino Uno for NB-IoT applications

Hi guys,

I am working on a project to send sensor data by NB-IoT SIM7020 chip connected to an Arduino UNO. Do you know if there is an existing library which works with Arduino UNO and NB-IoT?

I noticed that MKRNB library works with SAMD21 and is not compatible with AVR uCs. Should I switch to Arduino Zero?



This suggests that the Adafruit FONA library can be used to talk to SIM7000 - maybe even the SIM7020?

I have tried using the library in the link above but it didn’t work out for the Sim7020 module. Maybe there is a specific library for that module as well?

Did you find any library to work with?

I’m also using SIM7020 but couldn’t find any working library…