Using Personal Access Tokens

Today, there was a scheduled brownout. Within that period it was not possible to pull, push using git username and password. My question is, how to use a Personal Access Token to clone, pull, push from GitHub? What are the terminal commands?

I’m using Linux and using the terminal to push to and pull from my GitHub repositories.

Typing the Personal Access Token instead of the password did not work either within the brownout period.

Hi @IROdEvO, welcome to the community.
It definitely works, it you provide the details of what typed/commands entered and what responses received we should be able to solve any problems. Please do NOT provide any credentials (PAT or password).
Or lool at one of the may other resolutions seen for other useers with similar questions such as

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If you’re on Linux, I don’t understand why you aren’t just setting up an ssh key.

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I set up an SSH key. It seems to be the most convenient way. Thank you very much :blush:

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