Using Personal access Tokens on multiple systems

If I switch to using these, how can I transfer the token to other computers that I use the same github account from.

ATM I cannot see a way to achieve this … I can’t use them unless I can transfer the toke between systems (Windows and Linux).


You have two options:

  1. Use copy the token from one system to the other.
  2. Create a separate token for each system.

It’s really up to you what you prefer. I use option 1: I store the token in my password manager of choice, and when I synchronize its database between my systems the token comes along. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want the option to revoke the token for one system without having to update the other option 2 is better.

So is it just a “long password” that can be stored in e.g. Firefox password mgr? Or if it is stored in Windows credential mgr, how to transport to Linux?

So for clarification can I multiple active PATs for the same Github user?

PS when does password access go away?




Pretty much, yes.

Yes. And if you use them for separate purposes you should, to minimize access rights for each application.

It already has: Git password authentication is shutting down | GitHub Changelog You still need your password for the website.

Fwiw, while a PAT appears as a “long password”, it’s a token that’s a proxy for some portion of your credentials and this allows you to add restrictions regarding how it can be used.

At a basic restriction, it shouldn’t be possible to log into the web site with this password.

But, you could also restrict it to only perform some even more limited set of tasks.

You could create a PAT that can’t access your private github repositories – it wouldn’t be terribly useful for git, but you could use it with gh.

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