Using Personal Access Tokens in CI?

For our PHP application we have a CI setup where we run everything in Docker containers, both locally and on Travis (skipping the Travis PHP features and just using it as a runner for Docker containers). When we install lots of updated packages with composer, we run into API limits and composer recommends to create personal access tokens. While mounting the personal tokens of developers on our machines is fine, I’m not sure which acces token to use on Travis. It’d be possible to create an access token with one developer account and put it in as a Travis secret, generating a composer configuration when Travis runs. But that ties the CI to one developer’s account. Is there a better way?

Hi @gbirke,

Thanks for being here! It might make sense to have a dedicated CI user account created for your purpose. I’m curious to see if maybe someone else has any other ideas. 

let’s say we have a complicated CI that runs multiple builds on our code on every pull request, those builds all have to pull from github, we reach rate limit on our API calls, we want a dedicated user pool for those operations, can we create “fake” users just for CI operations? we also use MFA in our organization…
any help will do.