Using multiple GitHub accounts on one browser

I am using 2 GitHub accounts, one by personal email for open source contributions and one of work email for contributing to the work repos. I have been added to the organization on work email.
Thus, its a pain to logout work email and login personal for reviewing PRs in personal projects, and vice versa on the browser. Is there any way so that I can use both GitHub accounts on one browser or merge work account to personal one keeping the organization there with the account?

Thanks in advance!

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:wave: Welcome!

As you’ve discovered, GitHub really isn’t made for using with more than one account.

We don’t have a way to auto-magically merge accounts. We do have a document on how to move your work from one account to another:

In order to get your contributions attributed to the new account, you will have to make sure you add the email addresses you’ve been using for commits.

Things that don’t transfer (this list is not exhaustive):

  1. Access to organisations or repositories. If you have access to other people’s organisations or repositories on one account, you can’t move that access to a different account. You will have to ask the people who own the repository or the organisation admins to invite the account you wish to keep.

  2. Student Developer Pack/other offers granting discounted or free Pro access. These remain on the account they were granted to and until the natural expiry of that offer, you won’t be able to reapply with a different account even if you move your email address.

  3. SSH keys, sponsorships, account creation date, profile information

I hope that helps


Thanks, @canuckjacq for the help.
I believe most developers use their work GitHub account using the work email. GitHub should add a feature to use multiple accounts in one browser, similar to Google accounts!

At least in Firefox you can use the “containers” feature to separate your accounts in one browser. :slightly_smiling_face:

Woahh!!! This will be very useful!

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