Using leaflet: finding addresses/ villages within certain travel time

Dear fellow users,

Please excuse me if this is the wrong forum, I am still new here. I have a question and hope you could help:

My task is to find all villages within a certain driving distance (30min, 45min, 1h) from a certain point. I have almost 60 origin points and I have to include every silly little 2-cow-village amongst my destinations. So, doing it manually is a bit of a hazzle.

I tried using googleapis but I only found an option to measure distance between given destination and origin points. Hence, this required me to find out all possible destinations first, which takes prohibitively long.

Finally, I found this tool. It is next to perfect for my needs. However, I wondered whether it is possible to have the destinations listed so that I can export them (as villages/cities, zip code areas, or streets).

When clicking on the link in the bottom right of the map, I am directed to “leaflet”. Leaflet cites github. Therefore, I was hoping to find some guidance here.

Thank you very much for your support! I hope you can point me in the right direction.

I cannot find an edit function, so I will reply to my own post:

I just found out that the site I linked to uses only public transport, which is not useful for me.

This tool uses car travel times. Again the same issue: This tool is incredibly useful but forces me to write down each destination manually. This not only takes long but is prone to error. Is anyone here aware of a way to automatise this?