Using Labels on Branches

The concept of Labels applies to Pull Requests and works well.  For our organization PRs have a relatively short lifespan however.   Branches tend to live a lot longer - they go out for QA, etc.

Does anyone know if a similar concept (to Labels) can be applied to branches?  It would be nice to look down my list of 30+ branches and be able to generalize a status from each based on a label or tag.

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Usually the name of the branches are “issue-n” with n the relative issue number that you want to resolve, using this workflow allows you to specify precisely the purpose of the branches. There are no different way to specify exactly the purpose of single branches.

For example, Imagine a Issue like this:

then create a branch named “issue-10”, with this method a branch has been created with a label and an accurate description.

Thanks.  We do name our branches that way, and always know what’s in them.  The question is more about monitoring state change between the time the PR gets approved and when it finally gets merged into Master.  Any given branch has to go through internal QA, then customer QA, then be combined into a release, etc.

Everyone knows this popular graphic:
Every color (dots) is a branch.  How do you keep track of them all!?  For us, I want to be able to test all those purple dots before I merge them into the develop.

We use 3rd party tools for ticketing and workflow…it seems like it would be nice to be able to look at a branch (list) and know “this one has been tested” and “this one is just sitting here abandoned”.  The commit graph gives a nice indicator of ahead/behind master, but that’s all we’ve got.

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Are you using a build automation tool? Like travis-ci or something like that, with tools like this one you can monitor the state of the branch. You can also use a continous code quality tool like sonarqube. I hope to understand your question, otherwise I’m out…