Using Google earth in my own app. Help!

Hello all,
I have a consumer question on behalf of my developer. We are trying to build an app where users click on a button and their location gets displayed on a map - and we would like to use a global satellite view of the whole Earth when fully zoom out of maps. We were thinking to use Google Earth for that but the API seems no longer available. We don’t need names of roads or any other bells and whistles, like 3D view or search options, just plain terrain view, smooth maps when scrolling around and ability to use some overlay filters - basically just stripped down version of Google Earth.
Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help us.

You are correct, Google Earth API is no longer available.

Since you are looking for satellite or terrain view, you’ll likely need to use a commercial product such as Cesium or ArcGIS Earth. You can google “alternative to Google Earth”.