Using GitHubs Homepage to sync my fork with project-Master

I want to synchronize my own fork of a project, with the current projet-master.
After the process i would have this

Does there exists a GitHub Homepage-tool/ cmd that can achieve that ?

it is stated :

Blockquote You don’t need to know how to code, use the command line, or install Git (the version control software GitHub is built on)

But can i achieve my goal only using the tools on

If i DO need to use git-cmd from CLI, how would that cmd look. (I use a virtual-box with linux-distro Mint, in win10 -if that matters)

Hi @musikBear :wave:

For the purpose of that tutorial, the command line is not needed.
However, it sounds like you want to sync your fork to the upstream repository.
You will need to do a git fetch upstream

The following assumes your repo (fork) is origin, the original repo is upstream, that the default branch for the project is master, and that in your console/CLI you’re in the relevant directory with the default (master) branch checked out.

git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master
git push origin