Using GitHub gist to post as a bot instead of me

I currently run a Discord bot that used to use anonymous GitHub Gists. Now that anonymous Gists have been disabled :angry: I need another solution.
Since the lists use inline images and tables, there’s not so many alternatives.

From the API docs:
“You can read public gists anonymously, but you must be signed into GitHub to create gists. To read or write gists on a user’s behalf, you need the gist OAuth scope and a token.” (emphasis mine)

Is there a way to have the author show up as created by the bot, instead of created by me? Do I have to create a new GitHub account for this? Should I make an organization account?

If you want the Gist to show up as created by a different account than yours, you’ll need to create a new machine account for that. An organization can’t log in as a user, so it wouldn’t work for what you’re describing.

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Is a “machine account” a specific thing, or just a user account that happens to only be used by a machine?

@bmintz It’s a regular user account used by a bot/machine.

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