Using GitHub for tutorials (image, BOM, text, code) for students to comment, branch, etc.

Dear GitHub community,

before I go down the wrong route, I’d like to find out, if GitHub’s functionality is right for what I want to do.

I have created a repository and the required readme file. Within that repository, I want to add a number of individual physical computing projects, about 10 for starters, later more. Each project should have one descriptive photograph, one diagram, one list (a BOM), one short descriptive text and, of course, one extensive code example. Students should be able to comment on the code and, of course, create their own versions.

Is GitHub a good solution for that? How would I house all projects inside the repository? How could I create a non-code page (image, BOM, text) for each project in that repository? Or would I need a repository for each project? Or is GitHub not the appropriate solution for my use case?

Any input very much appreciated!

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You could definitely use GitHub for that kind of thing. I would probably recommend a repository for each project, but you could also store all projects in one repository with a subdirectory for each project in the repo. Comments on the code can be done through issues and students could make their own copies of the projects by using the fork function of GitHub that they can then modify to their hearts’ content. Most people use Markdown for creating documentation or non-code pages within a repository.

I hope that helps!