Using GitHub for personal content projects

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Is there something else for Github Personal Account ( )

I mean like i work on quite a lot of projects. and i have a basic template for my projects on how i need the repo to be.

for eg


And so on.

it would be awesome if i can create a repo where i can add all this and these files will be used automatically when i create a new repo.

Hi @varunsridharan,

Currently this is only for organizations, though you can create an organization for your personal projects. I’ve passed on your suggestion to our internal team, however, and if this gets released for personal accounts, it will be announced in the GitHub Changelog.


Finally Got An Answer :smiley: OMG>

thanks for passing this to your team. but please it would be a really great feature.

Hi There

I am not asking about Community Files for  organization . i am asking for a way how i can have a github repo template copied to new repo i create.

for eg here is my common github basic template

in which i have quite a few files and i need those when ever i create a brand new repo. in github and the same applies if i do it in a organization

Thanks for clarifying, @varunsridharan. This is currently not possible, but it is also something that our product team is investigating. In the meantime, the best solution is to do as you’ve done and create a template repository that you can copy over when you create a new repository.


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