Using GitHub for game mods

Is there a proper way to use GitHub for game mods without getting DMCA takedowns due to sharing copies of the game code?

:wave: Hi @AverageComet250

I’m afraid the only way to avoid a DMCA takedown is to respect the licence of any code you are using.

While we’re happy for people to discuss how they develop various kinds of projects here, please keep in mind that “methods for circumventing the law” are not a valid topic of conversation as per our Community Forum Code of Conduct.

I think ‘circumventing the law’ is the wrong way of looking at this.

Take a game like Minecraft. Making mods for Minecraft is perfectly fine and isn’t against their license, however, sharing the code is. Take a repository like This Minecraft client/mod. It’s a mod, or a base mod, so it’s perfectly legal, however, because the repository contains some of the original code, it’s illegal.