Using github for Applications?

Hello there,
Is it allowed to use github so clients of an app can download certain data from a public repository so the application can function?

Here’s an example.
I put X data in a public repository. Made an android application to request X data and analyze it so the application can function “example. RSS file and the application parses the RSS file”.
This might make a huge traffic for github servers, as many users will request these data daily “SHA256 file checksum can be put to decrease the traffic”.

For me and other businesses, It would cost nothing to store database queries and the users’ phone download it and use it in the application, and refresh the file every period.

Hello @ Zelakolase - The answer is yes, and that this is done all the time in the real world!

One very important thing to consider is the license of the code being downloaded, if this is code that you or your organization has developed, then you’re in the clear. From your use case, it appears you want to store data generated by yourself.

Volume is another thing to consider. GitHub can handle quite a lot of traffic, but as with any web service, there is always a limit. I can’t speak to the exact volume thresholds, but for a rough idea - if you believe you will have over 10k users hitting GitHub more than once a minute, it might be time to consider moving your storage to S3, GCP, or an edge CDN. Additionally, if the data being downloaded is quite huge, I wouldn’t expect the fastest speeds if your repo is being hit frequently.