Using GitHub Actions Environments without creating deployment?

Today when an environment is used in a github action, for example:

      name: test
  runs-on: ...

it will always create a deployment and set the deployment status based on the job status but are there any additional controls we get to maybe not create the deployment and still use the secrets or even just not set the deployment status to completed once the job completes. For example if we had a long running deployment could we leave the deployment status as pending when the job completes and rely on the deployment server to set the status of the deployment to error/active.

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This is being problematic for us as well. We have a workflow with multiple jobs within it having each job indicated the environment. This causes the GitHub App to notify our build channel of success for every job within the workflow. However, if we need secrets within the environment we have to have that property set. There needs to be a flag to ignore the job for deployment purposes.