Using Git on our FH-Server for a team? How does it work?

Hi People!

I’m from Austria - so be kind with me and my English! :slight_smile:

My problem is very simple! I’m trying to use Git in a group of 4 people and we all need to do a project approximately until the 21st of January. We’re trying to program Snake! :wink:

At our FH (Fachhochschule - for all of you, who do not know the abbreviation) we do have a GIT-Server where we can open new Projects online!

So my problem is that I need some kind of Manual to do that, so that all 4 of us can interact with each other (mening that everyone of us can upload its files to the GIT-Server and that Version-Controlling is working).

Can somebody of you help us?

Thx Raffael