Using docker manifest create with github package container repo fails

Using docker manifest create with Github packages for multi-arch containers doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve created a simple test to validate that I can:

  • build amd64, arm32, and arm64 containers
  • create and push a single manifest for all of the platforms

This works with ACR and Dockerhub, but fails when I call:

> DOCKER_CLI_EXPERIMENTAL=enabled docker manifest create --amend

This is the error generated:

no such manifest:

The container referenced can be pulled, so it stands to reason that it exists:

> docker pull
v0.1.0-amd64: Pulling from bfjelds/test-packages-as-container-repo/test
Digest: sha256:8c6927676cde46c2ddd40c34f29d504f7dde3701f5e09e3723057bd25bfc87c7
Status: Image is up to date for

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