Using different static site generators

I know GitHub supports Jekyll out of the box, and you can keep your source in the repository and it will automatically be compiled and deployed, but I was wondering if there was any support for other static site generators. I have recently started using hugo which I’m really enjoying using.

GitHub Pages doesn’t support other static site generators to the same degree that we support Jekyll, but it’s totally possible to to use other static site generators to publish a GitHub Pages site. Additionally, you’ll often find that the documentation for your static site generator of choice contains a guide for how to publish your site to GitHub Pages. An example from Hugo’s documentation can be found here:

Every static site generator will have a slightly different way of doing things, but in general, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Configure your repository to publish your site from a “/docs” folder on the “master” branch.
  2. Configure your static site generator to build your site’s files in the “/docs” directory.
  3. Test and build your site locally.
  4. Commit your changes.
  5. Push those changes to GitHub.

And that’s it! GitHub Pages will now take the site that your static site generator has built in the “/docs” directory and will publish it as a GitHub Pages site.