Using command prompt create project in Visual Studio Code using C#

I’m doing an interactive course on c# fundamentals and I’m having issues setting up my project, I am following the steps on the video but when it comes to linking up from Command prompt to VS, my project is not the same as theres. Then when we move onto the next step to amend the default “Hello World” to “Hello Paul”. The video shows the same error i am getting but then they run it again and it fixes itself, mine does not. 

The only difference between what I am doing and what they did were

  1. They typed code . into the command prompt - when I did that nothing happened, if I type just the word code, its brings up my project but not the same as theres(they have a source folder and a test folder, I only have a source follow) 

  2. A different version of .NET Core SDK. Im using the latest version. 

Any suggestions as there isn’t much pointing continuing with the course until I fix this error.

As far as I can tell reading the docs, the command “code .” should open the project in the current folder. If it does nothing for you, perhaps you are not in the folder where your project resides?